The wide selection of car navigation apps available for Apple and Android devices makes it easy to turn your smartphone or tablet into a portable turn-by-turn navigator. You can conveniently download maps for the entire US, a specific region, or pretty much any country in the world. But detailed maps are not enough, and you still need a reliable and accurate GPS to pinpoint precisely and track your location on the map at any given moment.

Did you know that the GPS built into your smartphone or tablet may not always be the fastest and most accurate? It relies, to an extent, on the cellular network to first determine your location, and this can present a problem when you are in a place with spotty service or in a foreign country. That’s where a portable GPS receiver comes to the rescue.


Additionally, any GPS performs best when it has a direct view of the sky. Unlike the tablet, which needs to remain in readable distance to the driver, a portable GPS receiver can be placed far on the dash, close to the windshield, for the best performance.


This Bluetooth GPS Receiver works with all EFB apps on iPad and Android tablets. The WAAS GPS works great whether you’re flying a home-built RV or 777. The receiver
has you covered up to 59,000 ft. and 1,000 kts. Read more


The SkyPro GPS offers fast signal acquisition, 10Hz positioning updates, simultaneous GPS and GLONASS reception, Bluetooth connectivity to 5 devices, and automatic route recording. Read more