With a wide selection of quality chart plotting apps available for Apple and Android devices, more and more boaters turn their tablets and smartphones into marine navigation tools. But any navigation device is only as reliable as the accuracy of location information it receives.

Many tablets and smartphones have GPS capability, but the built-in GPS relies on the cellular network, which can be scarce or even non-existent in the middle of a lake. That’s where an external, wireless WAAS GPS receiver comes to the rescue.The Dual XGPS150A is great for use on pretty much any watercraft – from kayaks and fishing boats, to recreational motorboats and sailboats. You can position it in a place with a direct view of the sky, for best, uninterrupted performance, while your iPad or a smartphone is close to you, protected from water splashes and sprays. While the XGPS150A is not waterproof, it works fine inside a waterproof container or even in a ziplock bag. Product Details

Check out the On The Water Guide published by WaveTrax by Riverisle for many uses of your iPad and iPhone on the water.

This Bluetooth GPS Receiver works with all EFB apps on iPad and Android tablets. The WAAS GPS works great whether you’re flying a home-built RV or 777. The receiver
has you covered up to 59,000 ft. and 1,000 kts. Read more

The SkyPro GPS offers fast signal acquisition, 10Hz positioning updates, simultaneous GPS and GLONASS reception, Bluetooth connectivity to 5 devices, and automatic route recording. Read more