universal bluetooh gps receiver  
Universal Bluetooth GPS Receiver wirelessly adds highly-accurate GPS to devices

The Universal Bluetooth GPS Receiver wirelessly adds highly-accurate GPS to devices, allowing them to be used with apps that require GPS, including apps for aviation, car and marine navigation, golfing, geocaching, hiking, biking and other activities.


The Universal Bluetooth GPS Receiver is very simple to use. There is a quick set up process that includes pairing your device with the Receiver. Once this is done, the Receiver will automatically connect to the device it was last paired with, and you will be able to use it with hundreds of apps that require location information.

The GPS Receiver also comes with a useful GPS Status Tool app. (Available Free on the iTunes store). The app is a simple utility application for use with the GPS Receiver. The app shows detailed information from the GPS Receiver including:

  • Your location (or whether the device is still determining where you are)
  • How many satellites the device sees and the signal strength of each satellite
  • The battery level of the GPS Receiver, and whether or not it is charging
  • Confirmation the GPS Receiver is successfully connected to your iPad/iPod touch/iPhone

The GPS Receiver includes a non-slip pad for use in a cockpit, car or a boat. The non-slip pad will stick securely to most surfaces, including vertical walls and windows. The Universal Bluetooth GPS Receiver is not waterproof, but it will withstand light splashes when it is seated properly in the non-slip pad.

A two-piece armband is also included for using the Receiver during hiking, geocaching, jogging, cycling and other outdoor activities. Use the armband without the extension to secure the GPS Receiver around the strap of a backpack, handlebar, etc.

Click here to download the product manual

Key Features


  • High-sensitivity WAAS GPS receiver works with most apps that require GPS
  • Wirelessly connects to devices via Bluetooth
    • iPad (All Models)
    • iPod Touch
    • iPhone
    • Bluetooth-Enabled Smartphones, Tablets and Laptops (Android, Blackberry, Windows and OSX Devices)
  • Rechargeable battery lasts up to 8.5 hours
  • USB charging via the included USB cable
  • Includes a non-slip dashboard pad
  • Includes an adjustable strap to attach to an arm or a backpack
  • Includes 12V adapter (XGPS150)
  • Includes 12-28V adapter (XGPS150A)


GPS Receiver shown in car, inside the included non-slip pad.

GPS Receiver inside the included armband.

GPS Receiver secured to a backpack with the included armband.



  • 65-channel SkyTraq GPS chipset
  • WAAS/EGNOS compatible
  • Accuracy: +/-2.5m (CEP)
  • Fast location acquisition times: under 30 secs (warm or cold start)
  • Position updates: at least once per second
  • Maximum speed: 1000 kts / 1150 mph
  • Maximum altitude: 18,000 m / 59,000 ft


  • Bluetooth range: 33 ft / 10m


  • Full charge lasts for at least 8.5 hours of continuous use
  • Recharges in 2.5 hours
  • Plug in to 12VDC source for continuous use


  • Supports both NMEA and Apple protocols
  • Firmware updateable through USB port
  • Small and light:
    • 2.25″ (57 mm) square, 0.75″ (19 mm) deep
    • 1.8 ounces / 51 grams
  • Operating temperature: 14°F – 140°F (-10°C – 60°C)

What You Get

  • The XGPS150A GPS Receiver+
  • 12-30V Cigarette Lighter Adapter
  • Mini USB to USB charging cable
  • Non-slip pad
  • Status Tool App (free download from the iTunes App Store)
  • Owner’s manual with warranty information


The GPS Receiver provides location information to most any app that requests it, so you can now use your iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, Bluetooth-enabled smartphones and Bluetooth-enabled tablets & laptops with many GPS-aware apps, and add dozens of new uses to your device.

Below are some of the apps which we’ve downloaded from the iTunes App Store and Android Market that have been used with the GPS Receiver. This is by no means a complete list – there are hundreds of GPS-aware apps on the market and most of them will work with the GPS Receiver.

Geocaching Apps

The highly-accurate GPS Receiver is great for use with apps for geocaching.

Geocaching with Geosphere Geocaching

Cycling, Running, Fitness Apps

Track your speed, distance and record your route with apps for running and cycling.

BikeMateGPS iMapMyRIDE Go Barefoot RunKeeper Pro

Social Networking Apps

Enjoy the full benefits of many Social Networking apps.

Yelp Gowalla Foursquare MyTown

Whats nearby Apps

Locate a nearby restaurant, hotel or a gas station with the help of many travel and lifestyle apps.

Urbanspoon WHERE AroundMe

Golfing Apps

Apps for golfing will transform your device into a range finder.

AirVue Golf GolfCard Pro Executive Caddie

Important: Third party apps are not included with the purchase of any XGPS150 product. Dual cannot guarantee that apps will work with the XGPS150 as updates to apps and operating systems can affect compatibility at any time. Please read all app descriptions carefully before purchasing apps. Dual will not reimburse for apps which do not work or stop working with XGPS150 products. Dual’s customer support is unable to assist with issues or questions about how to use third party apps.

Where To Buy

or from any of our authorized resellers listed below. Orders placed directly through Dual are for US shipping only.If you are a Flight Instructor, member of CAP, USCG Auxiliary, or a student enrolled in a Part 141 school please contact us for special pricing.


Authorized resellers in Canada
“E” stands for Europe, and it means that this Axxera-branded model of the Universal Bluetooth GPS Receiver has the certifications required for electronic devices used in the EU & the UK. This model has the exact same features and specifications as the Dual-branded XGPS150A. The XGPS150E is available for sale in Europe only from these Authorized Dealers.


IMPORTANT: iOS 8.4 fixes GPS issues.
In iOS 8.3, there was a bug which blocks position information coming from Bluetooth GPS devices. The symptom was that your GPS looks like it is working, but your apps do not show your location. (Not all apps are affected, but most are.) The problem affects the XGPS150, XGPS160 and XGPS170 as well as Bluetooth GPS devices from other manufacturers.

To fix the issue, we have been working with Apple while Apple had released the developer beta versions of iOS 8.4, which seemed to have corrected the problem, but information about beta versions are confidential under the Apple Developer Program, so we had to wait until the public iOS 8.4 release to officially share any details.

As of June 30th, 2015, Apple released official iOS 8.4 for iOS users, which includes the fix for the location data issue with GPS-equipped accessories. In Apple’s words (in the update log), the iOS 8.4 update “fixes an issue that prevented GPS accessories from providing location data.”

Right after the release, we have installed the official iOS 8.4 in iPhones, iPads, iPods and tested them with our XGPS150A, XGPS160, XGPS170 and various applications. We are confident to announce that the bug that prevented Apple devices from obtaining location data from external GPS receivers such as XGPS products has been resolved in iOS 8.4.

So if you didn’t or haven’t had a chance to update your iOS to 8.4 yet, we strongly recommend that you update your iOS devices to version 8.4.

Lastly, we would like to thank you for patiently waiting until the iOS 8.4 release and using Dual XGPS product.

How do I make the GPS Receiver work with my Android tablet?

Android tablet owners will need a “helper app” which connects the GPS data from the XGPS150 to all apps on the tablet. Please download the free Bluetooth GPS Status Tool app from Dual on the Google Play store. This app provides the “helper app” functionality. You will want to make sure this app is always running in the background. Alternatively, these two apps can also be used: Bluetooth GPS or Bluetooth GPS Provider.

Does the XGPS150 work with Surface Tablets or Windows 8?Yes. To pair: open the Charms menu (swipe left from the right edge of the screen), then select Settings->Change PC Settings->PC and devices->Bluetooth. Turn on the XGPS150A and wait for it to appear in the list of devices. (Make sure the mode switch on the XGPS150A is in the “other” position!) Tap the XGPS150A when it appears in the list, and Windows will pair with the GPS. NOTE: the blue Bluetooth light on the GPS will continue to flash, even after pairing is complete. This is normal. The Bluetooth light will glow solidly as soon as a GPS-enabled program starts requesting GPS data.
Once pairing is complete, it is a good idea to see which COM port Windows assigned to the GPS because your GPS program will probably ask you for this. To find the COM port number, go back to the Charms menu and select Settings->Change PC Settings->Control Panel. Under the Hardware and Sound section, select View devices and printers. Scroll down to the bottom of the window and find the XGPS150A. Right click on the device icon and select Properties. Select the Hardware tab. In the Name column will be an item named Standard Serial over Bluetook link, followed by a COM number. Make note of this COM number for future reference.
Important note for Windows 8.1 users: Windows 8.1 has a bug which prevents it from properly communicating with many Bluetooth devices, including the XGPS150A. There is a workaround, but you must have administrator privileges on your Windows machine. Follow these instructions to make your XGPS150A work with Windows 8.1:
1) Open the Registry Editor. (Press the Win + R keys and type “regedit”, or open a command prompt and type “regedit”.)
2) Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows NT/CurrentVersion.
3) In the right pane of the window, double-click on CurrentVersion and change the value from 6.3 to 6.2
4) Restart your machine.
The registry value will actually change itself back to 6.3 after the reboot, but the XGPS150A will now work properly.

I get an error message when trying to download a GPS-enabled app onto my Wi-Fi only iPad or cannot download a GPS-enabled app onto my Wi-Fi only iPad.
While this is an uncommon issue, some developers do restrict their apps from being downloaded to devices which don’t have the GPS feature, not taking into consideration the fact that an external GPS will allow their app to work. We suggest that you either ask the app developer to remove the restriction or choose a different app. The vast majority of app developers do not put these restrictions in place, and there is a very large number of GPS-enabled apps which can be downloaded to non-3G/WiFi-only iPad devices, allowing them to be used for navigation (car, boat, plane), hiking, golfing, geocaching, etc.
Where can I get the updated firmware to use with racing apps like Harry’s Lap Timer?
All devices currently being sold already have the necessary firmware to run at the faster refresh rates. You only need an update if your device firmware is version 1.0.34 or lower. The free Android or iOS Status Tool app will display the firmware version in your device. Please contact customer support (cs@dualav.com or 866-382-5476) for more information.
I’m a pilot. Can I use the GPS Receiver in the cockpit?
Yes. The GPS Receiver works with all EFB apps on the iPad including Garmin Pilot, ForeFlight, Jeppesen Mobile FlightDeck, and WingX Pro7. It will also work with EFB apps on the Android platform (remember to have the SkyPro app running in the background). If you are a commercial or corporate pilot, we recommend putting the device in a side cockpit window to avoid the GPS signal attenuation caused by the heating screens in the front windows.
What is the difference between the XGPS150 and other Bluetooth GPS receivers on the market?
In short: the number of devices it works with. The GPS Receiver brings GPS capability to your Apple iPad/iPod touch/iPhone, Android phones and tablets, Blackberry phones, Windows devices and laptops running Windows, OS X or Linux. If you have several phones/tablets/laptops in your household, and you’re looking for one GPS to work with them all, the GPS Receiver is an excellent choice:

  • The GPS Receiver is completely portable
    Slip the GPS Receiver into the included non-slip pad and use it for navigation in a car or on a boat. When you get to your destination, insert the adjustable armband and tie the GPS Receiver around your arm or the shoulder strap on your backpack.
  • The GPS Receiver has a built in rechargeable battery
    The battery powers the GPS for up to 8.5 hours of continuous use. The GPS Receiver does not use battery power from the device it supplies the GPS signal to, so you won’ t drain your phone/iPod or iPad battery.
  • The GPS Receiver works with a huge number of apps
    Most every app for the iPod touch/iPad/iPhone will work. The same is true for Android, Blackberry and Windows.
  • The GPS Receiver turns your iPod touch, iPad or iPhone into a global navigation device
    When traveling in different countries, use the XGPS150 with local navigation apps containing local maps. No need to rent or buy another device for car navigation.
Does the iPod touch/iPad/iPhone have to be jail broken in order to work with the GPS Receiver?
No, the GPS Receiver has been certified to work with iPod touch, iPad and iPhone.
Do I have to be in a WiFi hotspot in order to be able to use the GPS Receiver for turn-by-turn navigation?
Yes and no. The GPS Receiver itself does not require a WiFi or cellular connection in order to determine your location. However, some apps do require a network connection in order to download map data. Check the list of apps for examples of navigation apps that have built-in maps and do not require an Internet or a WiFi connection to work.
Will the XGPS150 work with a navigation application from another company?
Most likely. First, look to see if that navigation application is available for your device (iPod touch, iPad or iPhone). Second, make sure that the application does not require a cellular connection in order to download map data or retrieve navigation instructions. The XGPS150 does not provide a cellular connection to the Internet.
How do I know if a particular app will work with the XGPS150?
The GPS Receiver, by design, will provide GPS coordinates to any app that requests it, and the vast majority of apps on the iTunes App Store will work with the GPS Receiver. (A partial list of apps we’ve tested with the GPS Receiver is here.) If you have a question about a specific app, here is a simple checklist you can follow to determine whether or not an app will work with the XGPS150:Step 1: Make sure that the app you are considering is available for download onto your specific device (iPod touch/iPad/iPhone). For example, not all apps on the iTunes App Store work with the iPod touch or the iPad. Read the app description before downloading it onto your device.??Step 2: Read the entire app description carefully to determine whether the app requires a network connection. If it does, and you are looking to use it on an iPod touch or an iPad without the 3G service, most of the time it means that you will only be able to fully enjoy the app when in a WiFi hotspot. It doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t use the app, but it could be that some features, which rely on the network connection will not be available when you are not in a WiFi hotspot. Many location-based apps do not?require a network connection, and you can fully enjoy them with the help of the XGPS150 on the devices that do not have a network connection.
How much battery life should I expect?
The battery in the GPS Receiver lasts about 8.5 hours of continuous use.
How long does it take to charge the GPS Receiver?
About 4 hours.
Will the GPS Receiver provide my location anywhere in the world?
Will it work with the iPod touch/iPad/iPhone that my sister/brother/father/daughter/boyfriend has?
Yes. Just like with any other Bluetooth device, you will have to pair the XGPS150 with the device you intend to use it with. The set up takes less than a minute and then you can use the device with the GPS Receiver.
I have an iPad. Why would I need this?
The WiFi-only model of the iPad does not have a GPS receiver. If you would like to use a navigation app on this iPad – or any other app that needs to know your location – you will need the GPS Receiver.
I have an Android phone with GPS built in. Why would I need the GPS Receiver?
Using an external GPS, like the GPS Receiver, dramatically reduces the battery drain on your phone: that means more talking & texting for you & less time being tied to a power outlet.
I have a Blackberry phone with GPS built in. Why would I need the GPS Receiver?
Using an external GPS, like the GPS Receiver, dramatically reduces the battery drain on your phone: that means more talking & texting for you & less time being tied to a power outlet.
I have an iPhone with GPS built in. Why would I need the GPS Receiver?
The GPS Receiver will give you an improved GPS accuracy. Also, using an external GPS, like the XGPS150, dramatically reduces the battery drain on your phone: that means more talking & texting for you & less time being tied to a power outlet.
Tips & Troubleshooting
The blue light on the GPS Receiver is blinking and it won’t connect to my iPod/iPad/iPhone.
Look at the blue light on the GPS Receiver:

  • If the light is blinking on & off in a regular once-on, once-off fashion, go into Settings>General>Bluetooth on the iPod/iPad/iPhone. Make sure that Bluetooth is turned on and the GPS Receiver is listed as a device. Tap the device name to connect the two devices.
  • If the light is in a continuous regular pattern of blinking several times followed by a pause, turn off the GPS Receiver, wait about 30 seconds for the iPod/iPad/iPhone to recognize the device is disconnected, and then turn the XGPS150 back on. If this happens again, you may need to turn the iPod/iPhone/iPad off and back on.
The blue light on the GPS Receiver is on and not blinking, but my iPod/iPad/iPhone is not getting location information.
This could be a couple of things:

  1. Is the green GPS light blinking on the XGPS150? If so, the GPS Receiver cannot pick up satellite signals in its current position – move it closer to an open view of the sky.
  2. Are Location Services enabled on your iPod/iPad/iPhone? Go to Settings>Location Services and make sure that Location Services is set to ON and the setting for your particular app is also set to ON.
  3. Is the mode switch on the XGPS150 set to the correct location? It should be moved to the right.
  4. Did the XGPS150 connect with a different device that is nearby? Go into Settings>General>Bluetooth on the iPod/iPad/iPhone. Make sure that Bluetooth is turned on and the XGPS150 is listed as a device.
  5. If none of that helps, unpair the GPS from your iOS device, reboot the iOS device, and re-pair the GPS with your iOS device again. To do this:
  • Turn off the GPS Receiver.
  • In Settings>Bluetooth on the iPod/iPad/iPhone, find you XGPS150 by looking for XGPS150-xxxxxx in the device list. Tap the blue arrow next to the device name and select “Forget This Device”.
  • Push and hold the power button on the iOS device until the “swipe to power off” slider appears. Use the slider to power down the device.
  • After the screen goes dark, reboot the iOS device by pressing the power button until the Apple icon appears on the screen. Wait for the device to finish booting up.
  • Turn the GPS Receiver back on.
  • Go back to Settings>Bluetooth on the iOS device. When the XGPS150 appears in the device list, tap the device name to reconnect.
When I turn on the XGPS150, I get a message on the iPod/iPad/iPhone that says “This accessory is not supported by iPod/iPad/iPhone.”
Turn the GPS Receiver off, wait about 30 seconds for the iPod/iPad/iPhone to recognize the device is disconnected, and then turn the XGPS150 back on. If the message repeats, turn the iPod/iPhone/iPad off and back on.
I turned the GPS Receiver off, but the iPod/iPad/iPhone shows that it is still connected for a long time.
The iPod/iPhone/iPad takes about 30 seconds to recognize that the GPS Receiver is no longer available. This is normal.
Sometimes my iPod touch/iPad/iPhone freezes for a few moments when I’m using the GPS Receiver. What’s happening?
The iPod/iPad/iPhone was in the middle of communicating with the GPS Receiver when the GPS Receiver was turned off or went out of range. When this happens, the iPod/iPad/iPhone keeps trying for up to 30 seconds to reach the GPS Receiver. When it can’t find it, it gives up and comes back to normal operation. You can avoid this by exiting the active app before shutting down the GPS Receiver.
My Android phone connects to the GPS Receiver, but the GPS light on the GPS Receiver never comes on.
Please download the free Bluetooth GPS Status Tool app from Dual on the Google Play store. You will want to make sure this app is always running in the background so that all apps on your device can access the GPS data.