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Ditch the Paper Maps - Fly Light

Whether you are flying with an iPad, Android or a Windows tablet, Dual aviation receivers allow you to add highly-accurate GPS, as well as Weather & Traffic data to EFB apps on your tablet; making it a great, reliable back up navigation tool.

Even if your device already has GPS capability, the use of external WAAS GPS is highly recommended due to higher accuracy and reliability, including battery life and compatibility with multiple satellite systems.

XGPS160 through glareshield

With the growing coverage of the FAA’s ADS-B services in the US, pilots now have the option to receive weather and traffic data on their EFB apps, without a subscription fee. The Dual XGPS170 model is the most widely supported GPS + ADS-B receiver, compatible with more than 15 EFB apps, and with EFIS systems from GRT Avionics. The new XGPS170D GPS + ADS-B receiver adds 1090MHz band ADS-B to provide dual band frequencies (978/1090 MHz), and XGPS190 provides AHRS artificial horizon for EFB apps with synthetic vision in addition to the dual band ADS-B capability.

The XGPS150A, which has been affectionately nicknamed the “puck”, and the XGPS160 SkyPro receiver are used by tens of thousands of pilots, and get high praises for their reliability and user-friendly designs. The WAAS GPS performs flawlessly in every aircraft: from Cessna to a commercial airliner, even on a hot glare shield!

If you are a flight instructor, CAP volunteer or student enrolled in a Part 141 school please contact us for special pricing.