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Adventure Awaits on the Trail, or Off

Paper maps had served fine in the past, but nowadays, finding the trailhead, campsite or a geocache is much easier and more fun with the help of your smartphone or tablet.

There are many great outdoors apps available for Apple and Android devices, including apps for trail walking, hiking, biking, camping, geocaching and even golfing. In addition to providing topographic maps, many of these apps allow you to record your “track” creating a highly accurate bread crumb to follow home, or upload to computer to create your online travel journal.


One thing you cannot count on during your outdoor adventure is good cellular or WiFi reception, which is why a high-sensitivity GPS receiver is a safety must. Unfortunately, the GPS built into your smartphone or tablet may not be the safest option. It relies, to an extent, on the cellular network to determine your location; this can present a problem in the wilderness.


A portable GPS receiver such as the Dual XGPS150 connects wirelessly to Apple and Android devices and works with any app. You can drop it in your pocket or use the included armband to wear it on your arm, or attach it to the strap of your backpack.

And remember that a reliable GPS is not just for off-road adventures. Use it in your car to navigate to the trailhead, and to find a restaurant for the all important “after hike recovery”.